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7 Ways To Feel Hot AF Before A Date

Getting ready for a first date can be a nerve wracking experience. Even though you "know" you're hot sh*t, it can be hard to really "feel" like you are...hot sh*t. Not everyone can walk around in the daze of a L'Oreal ad all day, so for the women out there who need a little "boost" of confidence before they meet up with their potential dream guy/girl, this list's for you.

  1. 1

    Two Words: Red Lipstick

    This one is on the top of the list for a reason. Trust. Red lipstick is the holy grail of hotness and if you don't believe me, listen to this: In a study done by Manchester University, it was found that upon meeting a woman, men spent about 5 seconds looking at her mouth. When the woman was wearing red lipstick — that time went up to 7 seconds. See? Not only does red lipstick make you FEEL hot, it's been proven by third party researchers! So it's been settled then, red lipstick is a must-have for maximum hotness on a first date.

  2. 2

    Wear Cute Underwear

    Yeah, don't go wearing those BS fruit of the loom, package panties — they aren't going to do ANYTHING of your self-esteem. Bust out your fanciest, laciest thong, or if that seems too over the top, how about a pair of silky high-washed panties? Don't forget to strut in front of the mirror before you get dressed so you can think about how sexy you are at dinner.

  3. 3

    Take a Shot

    Hey babe, no shame in the alcohol game. Taking a shot before you go out can do wonders for your self-esteem and hotness level. Now don't go downing a whole bottle of wine, that's not going to end well. Consider this: recent study actually showed that even just "thinking" you drank alcohol is enough to make a significant boost in confidence. So sip on a glass of rosé while you get primped or if whiskey on the rocks is more your style, make yourself a stiff drink while you wait for your date to pick you up. All you need is one drink and you'll be hot and ready to take on the night, even if it's mostly a placebo.

  4. 4

    Touch yourself

    What better time than right before a date to give yourself a self-pleasure sesh. Use whatever tactics you need to get yourself feeling hot and buzzed. Touch yourself, imagine sexy scenarios, read some erotic short stories, use toys...you know what I'm getting at here...just...get yourself off. That rush of oxytocin flowing through your body will give you this attractive glow and your date will not be able to help himself but fall in love with you right then and there.

  5. 5

    Buy A New Outfit

    Yes, I'm telling you to go shopping for the sake of confidence and self-esteem. Shopping is fun, and moreover — it's a form of self love. Buying a bangin' new dress or some sleek new heels will trick your mind into thinking you're hotter than before (even though we all know you're 100% flawless like, 100% of the time). Wearing something new will make you FEEL like a new woman and you'll also look hot AF cause let's face it, you have killer fashion sense.

  6. 6

    Write Down All The Things That Make You Awesome

    I'm gonna have you go back to school for a second and have you write down all of the things you like about yourself. It could be a physical attribute like your boobs, your long legs, your thick eyelashes; or it could be something that relates to your personality like how you would never cheat on someone or are incredibly intelligent. When you've finished your list, read through it and revel in your awesomeness. You're going to feel HOT after this exercise, I promise.

  7. 7

    Talk To A Friend On The Phone

    Nothing will make you feel hotter than talking to a gal or guy who already loves you. Whoever it is in your life that makes you feel good, whether it be your mom, a friend or a sibling. Call them up and tell them about the date you're about to go on and share your excitement with them! That positive energy you're getting from your friend will be transferred onto you and will help carry you through your night. It will also get your out of your head and keep you thinking only thoughts of hotness.

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